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Worm gear screw jacks

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Worm gear screw jacks

Worm gear screw jacks

Movement ask for power

Nowadays automation means constant development with rising demand for ever-greater efficiency and economy. Driving systems need to go along this trend or, even better, advance it. Our innovative actuators are recognized as genuine efficient innovations, not as mere "badge engineering". The new creative technology involved, wich is often the source of ground-breaking patents, is currently being applied to production, conveyor systems, foundry technology, mining, hydraulic engineering, shipbuilding, research, buildings services systems and so on. Every single Pfaff-silberblau product constitutes a distilled fragment of these technological advances, from our standard or high-performance worm gear screw jacks, quick-lifting or mitre gear boxes, couplings and flexible protection boots to our motors. You will recognize our actuators for their well-balanced overall performance, i.e. speed, gear size, strength, energy, performance, user-friendliness are exactly adjusted to the corresponding specifications. None of these details are obvious at first glance, but you will appreciate them once the system is up and running. And we apply just the same attention to detail where safety is concemed. You can always rely on obtaining a solution that is right on target, regardless whether the solution in question involves our standard range, a customized plant configuration or an object-orientated new development.

SHE standard type worm gear screw jacks
for standard applications
Lifting capacity: 5-2000 kN.

HSE high performance worm gear screw jacks
for dynamical demanding applications
Lifting capacity: 5-1000 kN.

SHG quick lifting screw jacks
for extremely high lifting speeds of over 12m/min
Max. lifting capacity: 100 kN

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